As Front-end Developer in Tangible, my task is to translate the design created through planning phases into HTML/CSS and JavaScript code.

My background as Graphic Designer allows me to understand the intensions and the goals that Designers want to achieve through their sketches.

In 2006 I graduate as Graphic Designer at Virginio Bonifazi Institute, where I learn the fundamentals of graphic design, using classic softwares as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.
In the same time I continue my career path as motorcycle road racer, living a dream that I had since I was child.
Between races, tests and flights (both with wings and without them) I never stopped to discover the world of graphic design reading blogs, watching videos, following courses and working for local companies.

In 2012 I quitted motorcycle races.
I started working for small and medium companies as a Freelance Graphic Designer and focusing on visual identity and product advertising.

In 2013 I became associate of a digital printing company.
I managed projects with companies selling products abroad, designing and creating in-store adv material.
Together with my business partner, we decide to launch our e-commerce and my task was design it.
I understood immediately how the design of a website was different from the design I usually did till then.

In 2014 I left the company.
I had lot of spare time, so I began to study how to bring a static design into a browser.
6 months later I became Front-end Developer and UI Designer at Italian Artisan, an online B2B platform born to connect Made in Italy fashion producers and international customers.

During this year I competed at Google Startup Weekend, winning a Master’s Degree in Startup Management at ISTAO of Ancona.

I needed time to improve my front-end skills, so in late 2015 I became Freelance again.
I planned my days in order to train and test new designs and front-end technologies in all the projects that I joined.
During this year I had my first opportunities to practice Agile methods.
My role could change: I could be the Front-end Developer in one project and a UI Designer in another.

In 2018 I join DIS, an italian Startup born and scale in Le Marche region.
DIS is an italian ecommerce selling hand-crafted and highly customisable italian shoes.
Again, I have the double role of Front-end Developer and UI Designer.

In 2019 I join Tangible as Front-end Developer. Here I've found a great Team including me immediately in its activities and where the User is the center of all our works.

If I am not at work, you can find me on the seat of a does not matter if dirt or road race bike.

I read books that concern my job, as programming or visual design books. I keep my self active doing different sports, loving those you can feel pain easily.
Obviously, as any Italian, I love food.