Dwelling in the future + New Perspectives

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Tuesday, September 29th 2020
from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inclusive communication
  • Gender diversity
  • Gender equality
  • LGBTQI+ community
  • Cyberbullying
  • Hate speech

In 2016, which seems very far away, the Manifest of the Hostile Words was born. In point 1 it states “Virtual is real”. This principle implies that virtual has taken the form of a real world, new and newly born, populated by people and groups that interact or oppose each other, building relationships or wrecking them. A world made of “bubbles” blown by algorythms, overloaded with information, true and false, in which words echo and are stones becoming boulders.

On this Tangible Day, we will be guided by Maura Gancitano through the worst behaviors and manifestations that inhabit the web and we will reason on the principles that can guide us to find solutions that can make it more habitabile and ecological. Hovering between virtual and real, Arianna Ciccarelli and Anna Sabella of Artdisk will help us read and interpret the meanings behind the advertising communication, offline and online, to learn how to listen to words and see images outside our bubble.

Dwelling in the future: diversity and inclusion between the potential and the risks of the web

The web offers great potential to anyone, but more often it causes terrible phoenomena, such as online hatred and violence, which increasingly involve young users in particular.

The web emphasises all our unconscious impulses, so we need to ask ourselves questions in order to achieve a more responsible use of this medium and tackle the problem of the consequences of one’s behaviour.

We need to increase our awareness of the deceptive use of emotions by those willing to stir up feelings against any minority, for the sole purpose of asserting their power, in fact depriving of freedom and dignity both those who are discriminated against and those who discriminate.

The solution is not to disconnect, but to use the virtual territory to really dialogue, to share culture, information and authentic sociality.


Maura Gancitano
Maura Gancitano Maura Gancitano (Mazara del Vallo, 1985) is a writer, philosopher and founder of the Tlon project. She deals with philosophy and imagination, soul-searching, gender education, literature. She published for Il Leone Verde, Tlon, Minimum Fax, Wagenbach, Edizioni Il Lupo, Mondadori and Armando Siciliano. Together with Andrea Colamedici, she translated books by Stanislav Grof, Alejandro Jodorowsky and E. J. Gold, published “Tu non sei Dio” (Tlon) and “Lezioni di Meraviglia” (Tlon), produced the podcast “Scuola di Filosofie”, available on Audible (Italia). She is an occasional guest on well-known television programs such as Otto e Mezzo and DiMartedì.

New perspectives

Inclusive communication in advertising and in digital mass information: the importance of a new language for a greater attention to “diversity”, for an improvement of human relations and professional results.


Arianna Ciccarelli
Arianna Ciccarelli Creative Director, Visual Designer, Corporate Communication consultant and founder of Artdisk. After studying at the Architecture at Politecnico of Milan, for over 20 years she’s been committing herself with close attention to social issues, proper gender communication, Diversity and Inclusion and civic responsibility, developing a creative model that takes into account the scenario and the market needs.
Anna Sabella
Anna Sabella After working for more than 15 years at the marketing direction department of major multinational companies (Accenture, Bosch, Leroy Merlin), since 2015 she’s been addressing the strategic sides of creative and communication projects as Marketing Manager at Artdisk. Despite her rigid mindset due to her Bocconi background, she is creative, careful to form and aesthetic and naturally keen to human relations thanks to her knowledge of different languages and cultures. She speaks fluent English and French fluently, having a New Zealand mother and a French father.


Morning with Tlon and Artdisk

09:30 - 11:30

Round table with Maura Gancitano, Arianna Ciccarelli and Anna Sabella.
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Afternoon with Artdisk

12:00 - 14:00

Introduction to inclusive communication.
This part of the day will be recorded and published online on our social channels.

15:00 - 18:00

Writing and communicating inclusively (workshop).
This part of the day is reserved exclusively for the Tangible team members.