Lean UX Workshop with Jeff Gothelf: see you there!

So here we are! The Lean UX Workshop with Jeff Gothelf will take place next Friday, January 30th 2015, from 9AM to 6PM at Camplus Bononia (Bologna, Italy).
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Lean user experience has been quite a buzzword for the last couple of years. There's been a lot of debates, events and open discussions about it and it seems like other designers like us are finding similar insights and troubles practicing lean ux in real projects. Why not restarting from scratch with the help of someone who has a clear opinion and experience about it? Jeff Gothelf has wrote a book about Lean UX and spent the last few years spreading the word worldwide.
Worldwide... except Italy! Yes, Jeff has never been to Italy yet, so we are very pleased to welcome him and to hear his opinions and suggestions about practicing lean design.

It's been a long while that here in GNV&Partners we've been applying lean ux principles to our projects. Now we have reached a point where we need to keep all the good stuff and to get over difficulties and troubles. We are very happy to share ideas and doubts with Jeff and people like us.

Sold out!

If you've missed to grab your ticket, I have bad news for you: the workshop went sold out a couple of weeks ago. What you can do is follow the hashtag #leanuxdayit on Twitter to see what's really going on next Friday and subscribe to our RSS to read our report as soon as we publish it on our blog.
You can also follow Jeff Gothelf's blog for his upcoming events all over the world.

Will you be there?

Here there are couple of reminders for you.

  • Food, coffee and supplies: we know a full-day workshop is hard work and so we have arranged coffee breaks and lunch at the venue. They are all included with your ticket and will keep you fueled with food, caffeine and sugar. You don't need to bring pens and paper with you: we will provide you with all the supplies needed to follow the workshop, along with free copies of Jeff’s Lean UX book to take home with you.
  • Wi-fi: although you won’t need your laptop or tablet, there will be wi-fi at the venue and you are welcome to bring your devices. And if you feel like tweeting or post photos to Instagram, just remember to use the hashtag #leanuxdayit.
  • Please, speak english: the workshop will be in English, and as we have attendees from different countries we encourage you to speak English during group activities, so everyone can understand and follow along.
  • Have fun! The workshop is all about collaboration and team work. Be willing to take part, give feedback, involve others to participate, talk and be brave in presenting your ideas, even if you’re shy and speaking English is not your thing ;)


Camplus Bononia
Via Sante Vincenzi, 40138 Bologna (Italy)
If you need help and directions, please call the Camplus Bononia at (+39) 051 0393535
Google Maps

That's all, folks!

If you have any questions, drop us a line.
See you in Bologna next Friday for the workshop!


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