Beyond the bubble

A Tangible qualitative research on habits, motivations and expectations of cryptocurrency investors at the time of Bitcoin bubble burst (July 2018 - January 2019)
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Giulia Cavinato
Manuele Forcucci
Daniele Iori
illustration of elements related to crypto currency

When analysing a phenomenon, Tangible especially focuses on people’s behavior. In fact, it helps us develop a thought through plan. When researching, we not only aim to understand what people do, but we want to understand their reasons and motivations, their emotions, together with difficulties and desires.

Therefore, in every project we undertake, we always plan to research directly with the users of a peculiar service or product.

Thanks to a research carried out for a project within the banking system, we discovered the world of cryptocurrencies and its investors.

Even though people’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies is still very superficial, we were able to identify two opposed perceptions on this topic. On the one hand there is still fear of new things and distrust towards these forms of investment. On the other hand, we found great curiosity and almost a supporting movement of cryptocurrencies and especially towards its underlying Blockchain technology.

Therefore, we carried out a new independent research. Our goal was understanding in depth people who invest in cryptocurrencies, by focusing on its specific system of values.

The result is a report that describes various aspects of three behavioral macro-clusters within an economic system historically mediated by the bank.

Download the report to find out:

  • About cryptocurrencies investors
  • How investors are changing their view about the banking system
  • What direction are cryptocurrencies and the blockchain taking within the baking system

Read the report.