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We are a close-knit team, passionate about design and lifelong learning.
We speak at conferences, organize events and love to share knowledge across our community.

Past events

Design Sprint
with Jake Knapp

Bologna, June 25th 2018

Carpe Diem! Designing experiences from micro-moments

Milano, October 18th 2017
Reggio Emilia, September 29th 2017

Design Sprint
with Jake Knapp

Bologna, June 20th 2017

Lean UX
with Jeff Gothelf

Milano, May 17th 2016
Bologna, January 30th 2015

Workshop: the value of the experience

Verona, October 9th 2015

Workshop: Lean Prototyping

Ancona, November 2014

UX Bookclub Romagna

September 2014

Lean UX Night

May 2014

We have talked about

Modeling roles. Modeling culture

Agile Business Day 2018

Read the slides

Inclusive design: accessibility as a design opportunity

World IA Day 2018 Trento

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The value of the individual as an iterative spark

Italian Agile Day 2017

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Design for building trust: 4 lessons learned working on an IoT product

World IA Day 2017

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Design Vision

Agile Day 2016

Watch the video

Design Thinking in an agile process: why, how and what's the impact on business

Agile Business Day 2016

Read the slides

Right here, right now

Web Marketing Festival 2016

Read the slides

Agile and Design: creating and implementing products (in Italy) is possible

Better Software 2014

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UX/UI design e accessibility (panel)

Periferie Digitali 2013

What is missing a brief

Better Software 2013

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Visual Design vs. Creativity

Better Software 2012

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Why we don't do what we like anymore

Agile Day 2012

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Why we don't do what we like anymore

Agile UX Camp 2012

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onsive Design & Progressive Enhancements for the web

From the Front 2011

Guarda le slide

Visual design, emotion and experience

UX Camp 2011

Read the slides
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