Ecosystem Design

We coordinate complex ecosystems in order to improve people's experience when using products and services.

Ecosystem design abstract illustration

We help clients systemize their ecosystem through digitalisation processes. We specialize in dealing with great digital complexity and with fluid services that bridge the digital and the physical.

We coordinate processes and design the experience by connecting together all the touchpoints of the ecosystem and managing relationships with different vendors.

In order to ensure the best possible end-user experience, we work at both the service and system level without losing sight of the overall strategic vision.

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How we work

Brand experience

A brand is nothing more than the perception people gather from the experiences they live in relation to the company. With this knowledge, we make your brand strategy present and concrete in the digital and physical ecosystem.

Project Management

We support managers and product owners to lead their teams effectively. We coordinate technology integration teams and external vendors by aligning roadmaps and using design as a tool to align the project vision with business goals.

Experience Monitoring

We test and measure the experience across the entire ecosystem, always maintaining a clear understanding of the big picture and implementing improvements both overall and in the actions of each touchpoint.

Capacity Building

We grow your in-house expertise by facilitating knowledge transfer and leveraging all of our experience so that you can create a dedicated in-house team.

We design for all

Accessibility, inclusion and ethics are our mantras to design digital ecosystems for all users.
Our Ethical Compass gives us a guide and keeps track of these aspects across all touchpoints.

We have done it for...

Bologna Airport case study cover

Guiding the travel experience while improving the purchase funnels

Coop Alleanza 3.0 Cover

A website designed for growth.

Giulia talks to Ilenia, while they write post it notes and paste them on the wall
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