From planning to action: how we contribute to the common good.

We are a Benefit corporation and the first company in Italy, specialized in Experience Design, to have obtained the B Corp certification.

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Our mutual benefit goals

With businesses

We are committed to the use of processes and design tools that create value for your business while generating a positive impact on people and the planet.

Giulia and Nicolò working on the Ethical Compass
Ethical Design Compass
How will our choices today impact the future? Discover the model we created to imagine possible futures.
Tablet on sketches and a list of clothes on the screen
The value we generate according to our customers
Generating a positive impact also means designing better services, products and experiences.
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We implement an ongoing training program on social and ecological issues that develops new skills to pursue the common good.
Antonio and Daniele embracing in the office
Life in Tangible
Who are the people behind Tangible and what is it like to join the team?

With people

We believe in people and their potential. This is why we promote professional growth paths based on the principles of solidarity, fairness, inclusion and accessibility.

For the ecosystem

We are committed to promoting concrete activities to create a fairer society.
We did this by working on our organizational model, which we are changing from extractive to regenerative.

Preserving the planet

We want to become 100% green by 2025 and are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions according to European and global targets. We've started tracking our impact and drafting shared guidelines to improve ourselves on multiple fronts: logistics, conscious purchasing choices, sustainable ways of working and tools.

Josh with a mic, talking to the class
Revitalizing the community
Over the last few years we have created "Inspiration": a series of meetings between designers and non-designers to explore complexity, create new communities and rethink the ways we design. We need a collective intelligence to imagine tomorrow’s challenges.

Lectures and training

We hold design courses, workshops and lectures in several leading schools and training organizations.

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Let's build our future together