Learning to improve: How customer feedback is shaping our future

We analyze the feedback collected in 2022 and compare the results with those from 2021, highlighting improvements and areas for growth for our team.

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Our commitment to listening to customer feedback is unwavering, allowing us to shape our future and improve our services. In 2021, we began a process of collecting and analyzing customer feedback to monitor their satisfaction and loyalty, and identify strengths and areas for improvement.

In 2022, we continued to gather feedback to gain a broader view of our team's performance and new growth opportunities. In this article, we will examine the evolution of the feedback collected and the actions we are taking to improve our services.

An advanced model and a comparison between 2021 and 2022

One challenge we set for ourselves for 2022 was to develop a model with a more advanced collection system that would make feedback comparable over the years.

In the second half of last year, we revised some questions and created new ones, in particular to monitor loyal customers.

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Improvements in our Design Systems, accessibility design, and value focus

In 2022, we recorded significant progress in the "Process, Method, and Tools" parameters in the areas of Management and Organization, and Execution and Control. We also received positive feedback on our activities to facilitate the adoption of a design system, value creation, and the integration of accessibility (A11Y).

2022 and 2023: investing in data training and team management

Compared to 2021, the critical issues identified related to the project monitoring phase, in particular the measurement and tracking of metrics, and our ability to organise ourselves to be more responsive, such as in the timely processing of requests.

To address these areas for improvement, we launched several initiatives in 2022. The increase in positive feedback and the absence of these critical issues indicate positive progress in these areas.

Our most valued services: Team as a Service and Variable Scope

Looking at the feedback we collected in 2022, we are pleased to see that our efforts to improve our services are bearing fruit. Among the positive comments, we would like to highlight those that reflect our commitment to quality and innovation, as well as our approach.

In particular, many clients appreciated our ability to apply "360° cross-functional skills" to tackle project challenges, offering a comprehensive and integrated approach that considers all aspects. We were also praised for our "management of project variations, always keeping the focus on the end goal", ensuring consistency and quality of deliverables.

Another area in which our clients valued our work was our ability to act as a "Team as a Service", working in synergy with their internal team to achieve joint results and meet their specific needs. Finally, we were pleased to receive positive feedback on the attention and importance we give to "accessibility contaminations", by building accessibility principles into our products and services from the outset.

Of course, there are always areas where we can improve, and we are always ready to listen to our clients' feedback in order to evolve.

Some clients pointed out that "sometimes project-related aspects were not kept in mind", leading to less systematic management of some phases. In addition, when it happened, "the change of team initially represented a destabilizing moment" for some clients, requiring greater clarity and transparency in communication.

Our strengths: adaptability and a systemic approach

By gathering feedback over the past two years, we have been able to develop a comprehensive view of our performance and what we generate for our clients.

Among the various themes that emerged, some stood out for their frequency and relevance. In particular, our systemic approach, our ability to adapt quickly and effectively to our clients' needs and our focus on the quality of our deliverables were consistently appreciated.

However, two areas for improvement were also identified: the need for clearer and more timely communication, and resource management in times of project overload.

The model and overall monitoring can be seen in this report, which will be updated throughout the year:

Academy: Our training program to grow and improve

To address the areas for improvement identified in the feedback, we have developed several strategies that we have been implementing for several months. One is to invest in team training, structured as Academy, a program of courses, studies and coaching to improve communication, autonomy, problem-solving skills and teamwork.

We are working on more effective management of human and material resources, especially during periods of peak demand, to ensure optimal service without compromising quality. To this end, in 2022 we will create a real-time report that will allow teams and individuals to monitor the progress of shared objectives and forecast workloads.

Finally, customer feedback remains fundamental to identifying our team's strengths and areas for improvement, allowing us to take a broader view of our service quality and customer satisfaction. By continually gathering and analysing feedback, we are increasingly able to implement the right strategies to address customer needs and opportunities and improve the overall quality of our services.

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