Claudio Guerra

Marketing & Communication Manager

"Quality will save the world." This is one of the mottos I refer to most when describing myself and my job.

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I encountered Tangible as a customer and immediately fell in love with their professionalism, their approach to business and the passion they managed to convey in every iteration. Here I have seen and continue to see quality everywhere.

I realized quite late, but at just the right time, that my place was in the communication world. I spent my teenage years as a "geek" and fell in love with the IT world. Then during my university studies I figured out that marketing and communication spoke to my nature.

My nerdy soul and my vocation for digital technology pushed me to start my career path in Web Marketing, starting with SEO/SEM.

Since then I have never stopped expanding my range of skills as a marketer, ranging from Social Media management to ecommerce management, from B2C to B2B, from agency side to client side.

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After having succeeded as a Digital Strategist and Web Marketing Manager, my latest work experiences have allowed me to return to communication in a broader sense, without constrictions in terms of channels or of differentiations between the digital and non-digital worlds. Joining Tangible revived my desire in continuing on this path of growth and improvement, leading me to take on a role that I have always wanted in a company that I deeply admire.

"Build the company you've always wished to work for or die trying”: on November 12th, 2019, during my first visit (as a client) to the headquarters in Santarcangelo di Romagna, I snapped a picture with this quote on it. It seemed to me that the phrase perfectly fit both the soul of Tangible and what Ilaria, Daniele and all the colleagues were conveying to me during the workshop.

Two years later, in November, I started a journey that led me to the position of Marketing and Communication Manager.

My soul is 50% nerd and 50% athletic: I love basketball, cinema and comics.

I love technology but I only read physical books. I am extremely rational and at the same time my creative soul is always on the move.

Without my wife and children, and my family in general, I would be lost. I would likewise be lost without the sea, cappelletti in broth, GIFs, coffee and the Star Wars universe.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

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