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Case study Comet
  • GDO

Streamlining information from homepage to navigation

Foreground, a computer with Ancelia's dashboard; background, a nurse assists an elderly person in getting up from bed
  • Health

Improve the user experience of the Ancelia Manager app in order to increase customer perceived value and user engagement

Digital health dashboard viewed in a desktop viewport
  • Health

A tele-monitoring system for doctors, nurses and patients.

Case study Reverse
  • HR

The HR consultant-friendly tool to make delivery more efficient and accelerate team growth
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  • Travel

The travel experience starts with the app

Revolution cover case study
  • Travel

Improving platform user experience for better travel agents operations

Coop Alleanza 3.0 Cover
  • GDO

A website designed for growth.

Case study Soisy
  • Fintech

Improving product vision and care by contaminating business and development, thanks to research and design.

Bologna Airport case study cover
  • Travel

Guiding the travel experience while improving the purchase funnels

è-coop cover case study
  • GDO

A breakthrough concept for the new digital touchpoints placed in a dedicated space inside the store.
lol.travel cover case study
  • Travel

Positioning a new travel brand in the world, improving brand identity, conversion and retention rates
Cover case study Fazland
  • Services

Building an experience based on trust among customers, experts and Fazland.
Monnalisa cover case study
  • Fashion

Taking care of all steps of the Customer Experience, from the e-commerce website to the flagship stores.
Indyco cover case study
  • Business Intelligence

A DFM navigator for data warehouse to make easy communications and decision processes.
Moneyfarm cover case study
  • Fintech

Managing our money is a critical task. Who said it also needs to be complicated?
Muse cover case study
  • Education

An iPad app that rethinks the experience of visiting a museum, starting from the MUSE in Trento
Codesign sketches
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