Life in Tangible

We are designers, researchers, and front end developers working to generate a positive impact on people's lives and on your business.

Our values


Designing for people means putting ourselves in their shoes.

However, our point of view - and therefore our contribution - is conditioned by the context and culture in which we live.

Only dialogue and exchange with others allows us to design with greater richness, above all by paying attention to new perspectives.


Work takes up a significant amount of time in our lives, which is why we strive to provide a safe, healthy, pleasant and welcoming working environment. We apply the principle of wellness by listening and adapting our organization according to individual needs. Every adjustment is made in the interest of making the organization accessible to all. Access is a right not a privilege.

Furthermore, thanks to everyone's commitment, we have obtained certification as a Great Place to Work.

Organizational Identity

When we talk about organizational identity we refer to the bond that exists between people. What binds us are our values: they lead us through the time we spend together and they guide us in what we design.

We safeguard these values in policies that we revisit every time we reassess our structure, organization or working methods.

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Our History

It all started in 2004: we had a different name and our office was just a desk. How did we get here?

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Our Manifesto

We have always believed that design has the power to draw meaning and significance from complexity.

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​​The playbook

How do we manage work? What are our hiring criteria? What principles guide us? Discover the knowledge we have acquired over the years.

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Code of Ethics

We share principles and responsibilities, which we place at the center of our organization and at the center of the projects we work on for our clients.

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Paolo looking to the camera

Pietro Gregorini

Interface Designer

Paolo Valzania

Icon designer & Illustrator

Marino Di Clemente

Marino Di Clemente

Backend Developer

Roberto Burceni

Accessibility Expert

Former collaborators

Manuele Forcucci

Service & Experience Designer

Sofia Righetti

Office Guru

Arianna Terenzi

Mattia Rizzo

Service & Experience Designer

Matilena Dagres

Marketing & Communication Manager

Edoardo Sportelli

Interface Designer

Cristiano Erbacci

Frontend Developer

Veronica Fasulo

Interface Designer

Andrea Montini

Interface Designer

Daniele Bucci

Interface Designer

Domenico Laricchia

Experience Designer

Emanuele Feliziani

Front-end Developer

Francesco Zaia

Front-end Developer

Fabio Fabrucci

Front-end Developer

Simone Capitani

Experience Designer

Riccardo Ghignoni

Experience Designer

Elena Bassanetti

Tirocinante Experience Designer

Valentina Barbieri

Social media e Digital advertising

Fabio My

UX & Service Designer

Martina Ferro

Interface Designer

Andrea Simoncini

Frontend Developer

Luca Salvini


Dora Carpellese

Ufficio stampa e Media relations

Continuous training

You never stop learning. Discover all the certifications we have been awarded over the years and the specialized training in which we have taken part.