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Interface Designer

As Interface Designer, I'm in charge of finding the right style for the interactions that make up an interface.

Francesca writes post-its on a wall

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I've always loved children's books full of drawings, illustrations in large Encyclopedias, and the interior design magazines scattered around my house.
Later, I got into the super colorful, messy and chaotic punk aesthetic.

Music and books have influenced my passion for graphic design since my teenage years. At that time, while searching for a place in the world and a more defined identity, I began to explore the possibilities that lay within the universe of design and illustration. I started in a simple way, like many others at the time, on Myspace. In that environment, still so primitive, but that seemed to my eyes to be a window onto a future full of possibilities, I began to study HTML & CSS with layouts, grids, variables and everything that allowed me to better express my personality. On top of all that, I found myself unexpectedly fascinated by kitsch. Thanks to the psychedelic animations full of improbable colors that were all the rage at that time, I decided to delve into the world of the Web by enrolling in Humanistic Informatics courses at the University of Pisa.

After all, I've always liked strange matches, so why not choose a course that combined humanities and computer science? Exemplary, in this sense, was my thesis: Epigrapisa, a journey to discover the city through the digitization of epigraphs scattered in its various districts.

This experience was a small turning point for my future choices. I realized that the application of computer science in the humanities was my cup of tea and I therefore decided to expand on these themes by enrolling in a Communication Design course at the ISIA in Florence. These were crazy years, where moments of great exaltation met periods of great difficulty, moments that at times even undermined my most unshakable certainties, but that in the end resulted in one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Francesca writes post-its on a wall

After finishing my studies, tired but gratified, I worked closely with the IT world, where I had the opportunity to design responsive interfaces in a range of different areas, from the world of ERP to apps. I was undoubtedly lucky to find a job that matched my ambitions right away, but I'm also convinced that my proverbial stubbornness supported me in this choice and, in a way, rewarded me.

I also had the opportunity to experiment with and apply what I had studied with plenty of autonomy and freedom, always trying to find the right look for the right interface. I still enjoy the challenge of conveying the feelings that brands want to convey in their digital interfaces with their customers.

My background has been a great asset to me, as it has allowed me to always take into account every type of user, to search and find the right means of expression suitable for everyone's understanding, and to always design in an inclusive and accessible way.

This is why I love my job so much, as it allows me, through collaboration, to understand what choices are best suited to create a product, whether digital or otherwise. With almost obsessive precision I try to create the most suitable design system. I'm definitely not a person who likes sloppy work.

Since 2022 I've been part of the Tangible team, whose values, methods and inspiring projects I share.

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