Ilaria Mauric

Head of Design

I became partner in 2015. Since then I feel like I’ve grown wings.

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As partner, I contribute to define our vision, to develop and to consolidate our company culture and our brand positioning, activities that harbour my daily motivation. I am excited when I share thoughts with my partners and understand how we can transfer our personal values and professional approaches into our entrepreneurial project. I strive to transform our vision and our ideas into concrete actions and to share all of this with our colleagues and partners, every day.

As Head of Design, I lead projects down to our design process, in which users are our focus and technologies are tools. For our Customers, I work together with development and strategic teams in order to evolve their product or their service, in a sustainable and measurable way. I help setting expectations, checking results and kpi, emphasizing the opportunities we encounter throughout the process.

Ilaria works and talks with colleagues

I graduate at ISIA (Urbino) in 2000. Right after I start working as web and publishing designer in Milan, Cesena and eventually in the Marche region. In 2001, while I work on my first digital projects, I am floored by the reading of “The design of everyday things” by Donald Norman. Since then, I start studying user experience design and I try to find a path to apply it. I do not succeed, therefore in 2009 I leave the guarantee of a full-time job and I start my journey as user interface ad user experience designer freelance, determined to focus myself only on this field. I start making my bones on my own or supported by e-xtrategy, Ideato and Videoworks on the website, platform o mobile app design for customers like Prometeia, Jeep, Giuffré Informatica, Edison and Rainbow and for the interaction design for infotainement systems on board yachts. I finally have freedom enough to decide how and when to do some research and I start in the simplest way: I do usability tests with friends and relatives. These first sessions teach me that during a user test you must get used to take loads of slaps in your face and all of a sudden I start seeing huge design mistakes that I was about to release. Since then I convince myself: “never again without” and “the sooner, the better”.

In these years, stimulated by the collaboration with e-xtrategy, I start studying and applying agile methods, integrating them on my design process and tools.

From 2010, I take part as attendant or speaker in the most important italian design and development conferences, such as Whymca, UX Camp, Agile UX Camp, Italian Agile Day and Better Software.

In 2011 I get in touch with Nicolò and Marianna.

In 2013, I attend the Interaction Design Course by Cooper U in San Francisco. This is when I have my second big reveal: if I want to reach the results I dream for the projects I am working on, being alone is wrong. I need people thinking like me and I have already met them just two years before. With Nicolò, Luca and Marianna we understand that together we can multiply our potential and the value we bring in our projects. So we start a close collaboration turned into a partnership in 2015.

In 2015, together with my partners and colleagues, we start the journey that led us to rebrand GNV & Partners in Tangible.

I love traveling, but more than that I like being there.

For instance, I am not a big soccer fan, but I was thrilled when Iceland beat England in the Euro16 and celebrate with Icelanders to the rythm of geyser sound. I like to unwind and spend time with my beloved family, nephews and friends, it just makes me feel energised. I love the sea, the summer and reading comics.

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