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“We send the EU £350m a week: let’s fund our NHS instead”: do you remember? This is one of most famous Leave Campaign slogan that contributed to Britain's Brexit.

Fake, incorrect or misleading news has been a problem since information exists. In the last five years, these messages have found room for spreading and engaging people, thanks to an accurate target profiling and specific audiences.
In this 2019 Ted Talk, Carole Cadwalladr has investigated about how fake news, like the anti-EU slogan, can change public opinion and world socio-political systems.
Despite this, there isn't any guide line about fact-checking, news tracking and source checking. Actually, we are living an endless controversy about these themes, countless trials, data-leaks and some weak answer like Jack Dorsey announcement in October 3 2019, when he said that Twitter will ban targeted political ads.

Our Tangible Slack channell is full of links and threads about this topic. So we invited Carlo Canepa from Pagella Politica and Donata Columbro from Dataninja, to spend a day with us and learn more about the world of news and how to support data with informations. Carlo and Donata will help us to focus the topic at the present day, discovering useful tools and methods. We will work on a sample mockup topic to understand the design opportunities we meet while dealing with informations, news and data.


Morning time with Carlo from Pagella Politica

09:30 - 11:30 am

Module 1: Fact-checking and nowadays journalism – Introduction

  • Are we living in the fake news and post-truth era?
  • What's fact-checking? How was born, why is necessary and how people are using it all over the world.

Module 2: The toolbox - Practical exercises

  • How to check if a news is true or not?
  • How understand if a picture or video has been edited or not?
  • Which are the most reliable sources and the useful fact-checker tools?

Module 3: Fact-checking and experience design – a constructive comparison

  • How fact-checking can support digital design and experience design?
  • How experience design can support journalism in the post-truth era?

Afternoon time with Donata frome Dataninja

02:15 - 05:45 am

Impact Storytelling with data

  • Inspiration from the world: all the things we can tell with data, from activism to marketing
  • Open data, big data, thick data…? Start from scratch: terms you should know when we talk about data
  • What data visualization and data-driven products stands for? How to create charts that works
  • Recognize news and charts distorted with data, what questions you have to ask yourself when you read a number
  • Problems when working with data: win over the data bias

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Contents and files (available in Italian only)

Resources shared by Carlo from Pagella Politica

Resources shared by Donata from Dataninja


Carlo Canepa

Carlo Canepa (@carlo_canepa) works as a fact-checker for Pagella Politica (@pagellapolitica), the only Italian site committed to politicians' statement verification. He is co-author of the popular science book “La scienza dei goal”, published by Hoepli in 2016, and of the investigative documentary “The Choice: The Risks of Web Democracy”, produced by Unozerozerouno in 2018. He graduated in Philosophical Sciences from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, with a postgraduate specialization in Philosophy of Science and Behavioural Economics.

Carlo smiling and looking at the camera
Donata smiling, outdoors

Donata Columbro

Donata Columbro (@dontyna) is in charge of the project Dataninja School (@dataninjait),’s online training platform to spread culture and awareness about data. Journalist and content strategist, since 2010 she’s been helping non-profit organisations to create effective communication strategies to involve and grow communities around an idea or a product.

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