We foster debate between designers and non-designers

What challenges await us in the future? What scenarios are we contributing to create? We want to learn how to answer these questions not only to be more aware and intentional when we’re back to our work. We believe it’s our duty to explore the complexity with people working in contexts other than our own. What we learn together is an asset that is even more valuable if given back and shared, if it triggers a discussion or elicits a dialogue beyond us.

Tangible inspirations

Past events

Dwelling in the future + New Perspectives

with Maura Gancitano and Artdisk

Live Streaming, September 29th 2020

Information, news and data: operating instructions

with Pagella Politica e Dataninja

Live Streaming, June 23th 2020

Multimedia technologies and aids for seniors

with Fondazione Asphi Onlus

Live Streaming, March 17th 2020

Designing for What's Next

with Josh Clark

Bologna, October 9th 2019

Designing inclusive experiences by breaking down digital barriers

with Unione Italiana Ciechi di Ancona and Universal Access

Santarcangelo di Romagna, November 22th 2018

Design Sprint

With Jake Knapp

Bologna, June 25th 2018

Design Sprint

With Jake Knapp

Bologna, June 20th 2017