Launching the Tangible Academy 2024

Continuous learning and innovation are at the core of our professional commitment. With the 2024 program of the Tangible Academy, we aim to take this commitment to a higher level, offering an engaging and innovative training plan based on feedback and aspirations.

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Claudio Guerra
Ilaria Mauric presenting the Tangible Academy 2024 at the company retreat in December 2023.

At Tangible, we firmly believe that training is key to professional development and continuous innovation. That's why we are excited to announce the launch of Tangible Academy 2024, a program designed to enrich the skills of our entire team.

At the heart of our Academy is the goal of growing together and enhancing our professional and personal potential. This year's training sessions will focus on content that not only enhances our current skills, but also prepares us for future challenges. These training sessions are mandatory and collaborative and will be delivered together during our Internal Days Academy, both in person and remotely.

The pillars of the Academy 2024

Artificial Intelligence with Ammagamma

This year, we felt it was essential to include in our mindset the skills necessary to understand the world of Artificial Intelligence and we have engaged Ammagamma, who have been working in this sector for years, to support us and provide comprehensive training on this topic, tackling the challenge of demystifying AI and effectively integrating it into our processes and projects. We have scheduled a series of sessions with them that will not only give us a general introduction to the world of AI, but also explore its practical applications and new creative frontiers.

The focus on "Design with AI" will allow us to explore the integration of these advanced technologies into our internal processes, improving our efficiency and stimulating innovation.

"The Cage" with Newton Group

Effectively managing the complexity of the business world requires innovative management and leadership skills. "The Cage" module, in partnership with the Newton Group, is designed to immerse participants in realistic management challenges and foster the development of essential skills for leading teams and projects in dynamic and complex environments.

Using a psychological thriller narrative approach, this unique training course aims to enhance understanding of complexity management, develop key leadership and decision-making skills, and promote effective teamwork towards common goals.

Financial statements, budgets, and business plans

In April, Alessia and Luca will guide us through the world of corporate finance.
This module focuses on equipping our teams and all Tangiblers with knowledge of accounting and financial principles, giving them the tools to interpret financial statements and actively contribute to the company's economic planning.
This is a crucial step towards the distributed governance that Tangible is striving for.

Security by Design with Marino Di Clemente

In a time when cyber threats are on the rise, this module takes on critical importance. We will focus on learning and applying best practices to integrate robust security measures from the earliest stages of design. This will ensure that our solutions are not only state-of-the-art, but inherently secure.

Under the expert guidance of long-time collaborator Marino Di Clemente, we will focus on integrating security awareness and practices from the earliest design stages, ensuring that security is a fundamental pillar of our work.

Accessibility and Screenreaders with Roberto Burceni

Accessibility is a fundamental aspect of the design and development of digital technologies, and we have always considered it crucial to ensure that our products and services are usable by everyone.

In this session, led by expert Roberto Burceni, another long-standing collaborator, we will dive into learning how to use screen readers. This module will allow us to understand how these essential tools work and learn to use them independently, thereby improving our ability to create accessible digital solutions for all users.

A training session at Tangible, with some Tangiblers attending in person and others connected remotely.

A common mindset

Each module has been carefully designed to align with the Tangible Mindset, which aims to provide not only specific skills but also a broader vision and a more innovative approach to work. With Tangible Academy 2024, we continue to build a culture of continuous learning, which is essential for our professional development and the success of our projects. We are committed to building a common language and assimilating critical skills that will make each Tangible more autonomous and effective.

We look forward to sharing the experiences and learning from these training sessions. We will be sharing some of the key aspects of these events on our social media channels and blog, giving you an insight into the evolution of our way of thinking.

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