Our Journey into Ethical Design

At the heart of our professional ethos is a belief that ethical design is the key to the creation of a better future. Every decision, project and solution we present is permeated with this perspective.

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Valentina Marzola
Nicolò sitting in front of an Ethical Compass canvas

For Tangible and for all of us, ethical design is more than just a method: it’s a philosophy that permeates every facet of design, influencing not only appearance and functionality but also the intent and impact of our work.

This journey we’re about to embark upon together through our past articles and contributions isn’t just a celebration of our achievements; it’s also an invitation to ponder the essence of ethical design and its potential to shape the future.

The Foundations of Ethical Design

To truly understand ethical design, one must delve into its core principles. Concepts such as fairness, transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability are the building blocks of every project we undertake.

Dive into these articles to gain insight into our approach and some of the challenges we confront daily:

Where Ethics Meets Innovation

Innovation with responsibility is our guiding star, the key to a sustainable future. Ethical design can be the bridge that connects fresh ideas with core values, ensuring tomorrow’s solutions meet today’s ethical expectations.

Discover how:

Seeing is Believing: Applied Ethical Design

Implementing the tenets of ethical design in practice is a thrilling challenge. We apply it to our endeavors as well as our clients’ projects:

Choosing in a Complex World

Each challenge brings decisions, and in intricate scenarios, a solid ethical framework is invaluable. So, how do we tackle these challenges while retaining an ethical stance?

What we ardently wish to convey is that ethical design goes beyond being a trend; it’s a beacon that lights the way for the future of business and technology.

For Tangible and each of us, ethical design is more than a methodology: it's the key to forging a brighter future.

As you reflect upon what you’ve read, we invite you to take the next step by joining us this November. Ethics by Design offers the perfect opportunity to solidify everything you’ve gleaned from these articles and so much more.

It’s an event not to be missed, where theory meets practice, and where you can witness how ethical notions translate into innovative solutions.

Stay tuned for updates and sign up to secure your spot.

Your ethical journey has only just begun, and we can't wait to accompany you every step of the way.