We are designers, researchers and front-end developers

We use the tools of design to solve problems, explore new ideas and craft digital products that have a positive impact on people’s lives and on the business performance of the companies and startups we work with.

Foto di Ilaria Mauric
Ilaria Mauric Partner & Head of Design
Foto di Nicolò Volpato
Nicolò Volpato Founder & Experience Designer
Foto di Luca Scarpa
Luca Scarpa Partner, CFO & Team Leader
Foto di Marianna Cerato
Marianna Cerato Partner & Experience Designer
Foto di Antonio Matera
Antonio Matera Front-end Developer
Foto di Martina Ferro
Martina Ferro Interface & Experience Designer
Foto di Luca Salvini
Luca Salvini Front-end Advisor
Foto di Anna Mormile
Anna Mormile Interface & Experience Designer
Foto di Manuele Forcucci
Manuele Forcucci Service & Experience Designer
Foto di Edoardo Sportelli
Edoardo Sportelli Interface Designer
Foto di Giulia Cavinato
Giulia Cavinato Service & Experience Designer
Foto di Daniele Iori
Daniele Iori Experience & Service Designer
Foto di Paolo Valzania
Paolo Valzania Icon designer & Illustrator
Foto di Alessia Freddo
Alessia Freddo Administration & Operations
Foto di Domenico Laricchia
Domenico Laricchia Experience Designer
Foto di Veronica Fasulo
Veronica Fasulo UI Designer

Present and past collaborators

Andrea Montini Interface Designer
Andrea Simoncini Front-end developer
Emanuele Feliziani Front-end developer
Francesco Zaia Front-end developer
Fabio Fabbrucci Front-end developer
Simone Capitani Experience Designer
Elena Bassanetti Tirocinante Experience Designer
Riccardo Ghignoni Experience Designer
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We believe design has the power to create meaning and untangle complexity.

Our manifesto


Being good to people is our driving business value.

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How do we work? How do we hire? What are our guiding principles?

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We have studied

UX for Product Managers

Cooper, San Francisco 2015

UX Intensive

Adaptive Path, Copenhagen 2015

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Design Leadership

Cooper, San Francisco 2014

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Interaction Design

Cooper, San Francisco 2013

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We have talked about

Inclusive design: accessibility as a design opportunity

World IA Day 2018 Trento

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The value of the individual as an iterative spark

Italian Agile Day 2017

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Carpe Diem! Designing experiences from micro-moments

Creativity Day 2017

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Design for building trust: 4 lessons learned working on an IoT product

World IA Day 2017

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Design Vision

Agile Day 2016

Watch the video

Design Thinking in an agile process: why, how and what's the impact on business

Agile Business Day 2016

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Right here, right now

Web Marketing Festival 2016

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Workshop: the value of the experience

UX Book Club Verona 2015

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Agile and Design: creating and implementing products (in Italy) is possible

Better Software 2014

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Workshop: Lean Prototyping

Dev Marche 2014

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UX/UI design e accessibility (panel)

Periferie Digitali 2013

What is missing a brief

Better Software 2013

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Visual Design vs. Creativity

Better Software 2012

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Why we don't do what we like anymore

Agile Day 2012

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Why we don't do what we like anymore

Agile UX Camp 2012

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Visual design, emotion and experience

UX Camp 2011

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onsive Design & Progressive Enhancements for the web

From the Front 2011

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